£5.50 Robin Hood Free Share Signup- 19th March 2024

Bit of a dry day today only managed to find the one offer for the Robinhood Share signup, however this was very simple

1. $7-175 RobinHood Free Share

Sign Up

RobinHood Signup Link


A Mobile Phone

£1 to make a transaction to Activiate the account

Time: 5 minutes


RobinHood is a stocks and shares app that recently launched in the UK, they are offering £5.50 if you signup using a referral link

  1. Signup and download the app to your phone here
  2. Follow on the on screen instructions to signup including uploading your ID
  3. Wait 1 minute for Robinhood to verify your account
  4. Deposit £1 to activate your account
  5. Claim your free stock
  6. Wait 3 days to sell
  7. Withdraw your money

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